A Winged Victory — Atomos VI

Three Years after their incredible first album, A Winged Victory for the Sullen was finally back in 2014 with Atomos, the score for a contemporary dance piece. And I must confess something: this album slip by me: I have listened to it one or two times and it disappeared in the background... no memories of it. To my disappointment, it did not feel special and I was not hooked on it like I was on the first one.

That being said, their first album is, so much a classic of mine, it's a very tough act to follow. I've had the great pleasure to watch their live rendition of it, in the quietest "Café de la danse" you can imagine. it's something I probably will never forget... I still can ear the strings of Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears if I concentrate enough, it was (is) a magical album from start to finish.

So, back to Atomos: I'm coming back to it now, with less expectation and I'm finally enjoying it to the fullest. Atomos VI is the strongest piece and it is the real deal. a magnificent track, full of tension, pulsing from the inside and the outside and covering an even larger spectrum of emotion than their previous work. It has a very overpowering atmosphere and I'm very glad I came back to it.