What is this ?

My ramblings on the web, mainly about modern classical, electronic music and adjacent genre. It's not a hard rule but my taste often falls on the quiet side of the music balance. Updates can be a little unfrequent, depending on my availability and desire to write (and it's not the first time i'm trying this kind of blogging, and fails to keep up... :) )

Why this name ?

Marconi Union has a recent track titled A.M.I.D (for "Ambient Music is Dead") as a (provoking) statement about how, nowadays, a whole lot of music is called ambient, just because it's not as bombastic as the rest, and the genre is loosing some of its identity. It makes me things a lot about why ambient music is so important to me and why the term is not that important as long as the kind of music we enjoy is still being made, loved and evolving. And, of course, it's a cool domain name.

Who are you ?

I'm me ! Enguerrand. I'm french, proficient in english but not entirely fluent. Also not a writer; Be kind.

Can I contact you ?

Yes, at contact(at)ambientmusicisdead(dot)com