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Jon Hopkins takes apart Luminous Beings in latest episode of Song Exploder

Song Exploder is a very popular bi-weekly podcast presented by podcaster and musician, Hrishikesh Hirway. In each edition, he interviews another musician about a song they wrote, cuts out his side of the conversation and replaces it with pieces of the track discussed. It’s a brilliant idea and the execution is always top-notch: the concept allows the artists themselves to unwrap the story of their song and it’s usually the perfect mix of nerdy technical details and feelings. It highlights the reality of how, in the end, everything great song is the combination of stubbornness and serendipity and I enjoy it a lot.

Jon Hopkins is on this week’s episode (ep 136) with a song from his latest albums and he talks about synths and Ableton plugins, taking mushrooms in the desert, Nils Frahm and living inside the warm embrace of a neverending track. It’s a splendid episode. Go listen to it.

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